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The bending of a wave as it travels from one medium to another is an example of
a) Diffraction b) Refraction c) Reflection d) Absorption
Which situation is an example of balanced forces?
a) A roller coaster acceleration down the track. b) A child bouncing up and down on a trampoline. c) A car coming to a sudden stop. d) A flowerpot sitting on a windowsill.
A student kicks a soccer ball across a field. The ball rolls across the field and stops. What causes the ball to stop?
a) It looses kinetic energy b) inertia c) friction d) balanced forces act on it
Convection currents take place in.
a) solids and liquids b) liquids and gases c) gases and solids d) only soldis
Which of the following is a chemical property?
a) ability to conduct heat b) ability to dissovle in water c) ability to react with oxygen d) ability to conduct electricity
Electromagnetic waves vary in their
a) speed b) wavelength c) ability to travel d) particle size
What kind of energy requires vibrations?
a) nuclear energy b) radiant energy c) thermal energy d) sound energy
The formation of rust is evidence of
a) a physical change b) an increase in concentration c) a chemical reaction d) a tempature change
When the north pole of one magnet is place near the south pole of another magnet , what force exists between the poles?
a) electric force of attraction b) magnetic force of attratction c) magentic force of repulsion d) electric force of repulsion
In solids heat tranfer occurs by
a) conduction b) insulation c) radiation d) convection
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