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the hind part of the body
a) posterior b) anterior c) d)
sides of the body
a) medial b) lateral c) anterior d) posterior
back of the body
a) ventral b) dorsal c) d)
middle of the body
a) ventral b) medial c) dorsal d)
toward the head
a) anterior b) posterior c) lateral d)
divides the body into right and left sections
a) transverse b) sagittal c) d)
across the body from left to right
a) transverse b) sagittal c) d)
Approximately how many legs do centipedes have?
a) 100 b) 90 c) 60 d) 30
How many arms must a starfish have?
a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d)
Worms have three layers of ___.
a) fat b) tissues c) intestine d)
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