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What does PowerPoint call teh predefined area inside a slide where text may be entered?
a) Boilerplate b) textbox c) placeholder d) dialog box
What are the small circles & squares called that surround ap icture that has been inserted into a slide?
a) sizing handles b) control buttons c) adjustment levers d) rotation handle
When an image is selected, which ribbon appears at the top of the PowerPoint window?
a) design b) format c) picture tools format d) design tools format
Which type of text may be formatted to print at the top of every page?
a) notes b) reference c) header d) caption
Which of the following software programs isused to create a collection of slides that may contain text, charts, pictures, & movies is called presentation graphics program?
a) Office b) PowerPoint c) Word d) WordPad
What is the coordinated set of colors, fonts, & other design elements that are applied to components of a presentation?
a) background b) transitions c) Theme d) animations
Which PowerPoint pane shows the current slide as it will appear during the slide show?
a) note b) slide c) outline d) file
In the PowerPoint view ribbon, which presentatin view enables a user to view one slide at at time in the Slide Pane?
a) Normal b) Slide Sorter c) Notes Page d) Reading
Which of the folliowing is a predetermined way of organizing objects on a sldie including title text & other content?
a) Design b) Scheme c) Layout d) Plan
In PowerPoint which term refers to a picture, shape, design, graph, chart, or diagram inserted into a slide?
a) image b) clipart c) item d) graphic
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