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Specific noises added to a sound track.
a) Sound Effects b) Production Track c) Audio d) Straight Cut
The sound with the incoming video is heard over the end of the outgoing video
a) Sound b) Mixing c) Equalization d) Audio Lead
The "live" sound recorded with video.
a) Dialogue b) Production Track c) Mixing d) Voiceover
A cut in which audio and video do not change together.
a) Dialogue b) Audio Lead c) Split Edit d) Voiceover
Collectively, the sound components of an audiovisual program.
a) Sound b) Audio c) Equalization d) Straight Cut
The adjustment of the volume levels of various sound frequencies to balance the overall mixture of sounds.
a) Mixing b) Dialogue c) Sound d) Equalization
An edit in which audio and video change simultaneously; also, an edit that does not include an effect such as a fade or dissolve.
a) Straight Cut b) Mixing c) Split Edit d) Equalization
The blended together of separate audio tracks, either in a computer or through a sound mixing board.
a) Sound Effects b) Production Track c) Mixing d) Dialogue
Speech by performers on-screen.
a) Audio b) Dialogue c) Sound d) Voiceover
Narration or dialogue recorded independently and then paired with a related video.
a) Dialogue b) Sound c) Mixing d) Voiceover
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