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Which of the following was a short-term cause of World War I?
a) Alliances b) Imperialism c) The assissination of Archduke Ferdinand d) Communism
What is an increase in prices and money in circulation?
a) Recession b) Depression c) Inflation d) Reparations
Who are people that provide money and ideas for businesses?
a) Capitalists b) Communists c) Socialists d) Revolutionaries
What was something done by the Bolsheviks in Russia?
a) Banned private property b) Gave land to peasants c) Withdrew Russian from World War I d) All of them
What was the official position of the U.S. at the beginning of World War I?
a) Alliance with Germany b) Alliance with Russia c) Neutrality d) Alliance with Great Britain
Who was the President that dealt with the economic problems of the U.S. during the Great Depression?
a) Harry Truman b) Franklin D. Roosevelt c) Theodore Roosevelt d) Dwight D. Eisenhower
Who was the fascist leader of Italy?
a) Franco b) Hilter c) Mussolini d) Stalin
What is a nationalist/anti-communist system that uses violence and dictatorship to reach its goals?
a) Communism b) Fascism c) Socialism d) Imperialism
How did Europe attempt to keep peace prior to World War I?
a) Alliances b) League of Nations c) United Nations d) All of them
What was a failed attempt to create an organizaton that would settle disputes following World War I?
a) United Nations b) League of Nations c) Justice League d) League of Distinguished Gentlemen
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