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What do they eat with their rice?
a) Flat bread b) Soy sauce c) Chicken d) Sushi
What are their shawls made of?
a) Wool b) Leather c) Cloth d) Feathers
What do they eat with their chicken ?
a) Eat it with barbeque sauce b) Eat it with salad c) Eat it with fish d) Eat it with carrots
What do they put on their heads?
a) Burkas b) Hats c) Veils d) Headbands
What do they eat with their flat bread?
a) Yogurt b) Butter c) Jelly d) Rice
How do they wear their scarves?
a) Loose b) Tight c) Around their waists d) On their legs
What do they put on their kabobs?
a) Ssushi b) Fruit c) Vegetables d) Chicken
How do the men sometimes dress?
a) Western style b) Gangster style c) Business suits d) Sports clothes
How do babies dress?
a) Colorfully b) Plainly c) Old- fashioned d) Long sleeve shirts only
How are the womens dresses worn?
a) Long b) Short c) Tight d) Loose
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