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To find a magazine article you would use...
a) atlas b) almanac c) internet d)
What does an almanac contain?
a) historical records and events b) maps of countries c) book listings d)
Where would you find synonyms?
a) dictionary b) thesaurus c) atlas d)
You need a book on baking brownies. How would you find it in the library?
a) newspaper b) computer catalog c) encyclopedia d) ask your friend who never reads books
When you find something interesting in an encyclopedia, you should copy it word-for-word into your paper.
a) true b) false c) of course! d)
What's an atlas?
a) history book b) place that shows world record holders c) book that has maps d)
Instead of an atlas, almanac, or newspaper, where could you find all of your information instead?
a) Grandma Sue b) Coach Sanders c) the internet d) my best friend
Why would you use a dictionary?
a) to find synonyms b) to find antonyms c) to find how to pronounce a word d) to find pictures of word record holders
I need to research penguins. Where would I look?
a) newspaper b) almanac c) dictionary d) encyclopedia
I need to know what evanescence means. Where would I look?
a) newspaper b) almanac c) dictionary d) encyclopedia
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