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An echo is an example of
a) reflection b) refraction c) diffraction d) absorption
When you sit in a room you can hear noises in the hallway because sound is
a) diffracted b) reflected c) refracted d) absorbed
Sound is produced when particles of matter
a) vibrate b) change phase c) evaporate d) chemically react
Through which material will sound travel the fastest?
a) hot solid b) cold solid c) hot gas d) cold gas
Which of the following is true about sound?
a) Sound will not travel through a vacuum. b) Sound will travel slower in a vacuum. c) Sound will travel faster in a vacuum. d) Sound and light travel through a vacuum.
The electromagnetic energy that allows us to see objects is
a) visible light b) gamma rays c) x-ray radiation d) ultraviolet radiation
A surface reflects 90 percent of the light that hits it. This surface is most likely:
a) light colored and smooth textured b) light colored and rough textured c) dark colored and smooth textured d) dark colored and rough textured
Compared to a dull and rough surface, a shiny and smooth surface will most likely cause sunlight to be
a) reflected b) refracted c) scattered d) absorbed
Changing the color of the roof of a house from light to dark would probably increase the amount of solar energy that is
a) absorbed b) reflected c) created d) refracted
On a sunny day, changing your shirt from a light color to a dark color would make you feel
a) warmer due to absorption b) warmer due to reflection c) cooler due to reflection d) cooler due to absorption
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