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A juggler with pins has what type of energy
a) mechanical b) electrical c) thermal d) electromagnetic
which of the following has a definite volume but not definite shape?
a) a glass of orange juice b) a baseball c) oxygen d) a book
when your house gets cool because the air conditioner is on, what is causing it to get cool?
a) convection b) conduction c) radiation d) heat
Which of the following has particles that are closest together?
a) a baseball b) water c) milk d) hydrogen
Which of the following has particles that are moving the fastest?
a) boiling water b) an ice cube c) a book d) water from the water fountain
When you take boiling water off of the stove and let it sit for a while, what happens to the atoms
a) the slow down and get closer together b) they speed up and spread out c) the slow down and spread out d) they speed up and get closer together
energy transferred between objects of different temperatures
a) heat b) energy c) kinetic energy d) thermometer
this is a material that limits the transfer of heat
a) insulator b) conductor c) convector d) radiation
What happens to water as it is heated?
a) it becomes less dense b) it becomes more dense c) it slows down d) nothing happens
Which of the following has a definite shape and volume?
a) a basketball b) a glass of juice c) helium d) water
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