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Who Is Kim Kardasian Dating?
a) Adam Sandler b) Kanye west c) Seth Rogen d) Seth Meyers
What Show Does Seth Meyers Do A Weekend Update
a) SNL b) Late night c) Chealsa Lately d) Fox News
Name a Moive Keira Knightley was in?
a) The Road b) Sliver nights c) Natural Born KIllers d) Anna Karenina
Will Smith Played On What Hit Show?
a) Fresh Prince b) Spongebob c) Golden Girls d) Bad Girls Club
Leonardo DiCaprio won the Silver Berlin Bear for what moive?
a) Shutter Isand b) The Great Gatsby c) Romeo And Juliet d) The Ant Moive
Who Imprisoned the 3 Cleveland Girls?
a) Bill Hader b) Airel Castro c) Josh Amerson d) Lilly webb
Bangs are in this season
a) true b) false c) d)
Kesha Has what Hit song?
a) Teeth b) Cannibal c) Alejandro d) Pokerface
Who is the New judge on The Voice
a) Shakira b) Kanye west c) 50 Cent d) Adam Levine
Whats 50Cents real name?
a) Jackson b) Will c) Curtis d) Limon
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