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Bacteria and fungi are examples of
a) scavengers b) decomposers c) omnivores d) carnivores
_____is the source of energy for almost all living things.
a) Sunlight b) Water c) Soil d) Food
Nature's recyclers are:
a) predators b) decomposers c) producers d) omnivores
The number of individuals in a population is the population's _____.
a) carrying capacity b) size c) density d) spacing
The physical area or environment in which an organism lives is its:
a) population b) niche c) ecosystem d) habitat
Sunlight is_____.
a) abiotic b) c) d) biotic
Air is _____.
a) abiotic b) c) d) biotic
Plants are _____.
a) abiotic b) c) d) biotic
Soil is_____.
a) abiotic b) c) d) biotic
Temperature is_____.
a) abiotic b) c) d) biotic
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