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Atoms consist of 3 particles. What are they and where are they found?
a) protons & neutrons in the electron cloud; electrons in the nucleus b) protons & neutrons in the nucleus; electrons in the electron cloud c) protons & electrons in the nucleus d) protons, neutrons, and electrons in the nucleus
Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction that occurs in
a) plants b) animals c) air d) chemicals
Why are xrays dangerous?
a) they have no effect on the body b) they can build up in the liver c) they can damage DNA d) they can cause inflammation
An alloy is a
a) element b) compound c) mixture d) suspension
As heat rises, the distance between atoms increases causing them to break free of each other. This is called
a) mixture b) vaporization c) sublimation d) condensation
The equation for the velocity of a wave is v=frequency x wavelength. What equation is used to solve for frequency?
a) velocity x wavelength b) velocity x frequency c) velocity/wavelength d) velocity x velocity
The electromagnetic wave with the longest wavelength is
a) radio waves b) x rays c) infrared waves d) gamma rays
A chemical change occurs when
a) a substance changes state b) a substance is broken c) a substance is dissolved in solution d) bonds between atoms break
What formula represents sodium chloride?
a) NaCl b) KCL c) H20 d) CO2
The force that exists between objects with mass is called
a) electromagnetic force b) magnetic force c) gravity d) magnetism
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