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Which accounting career requires a national exam?
a) accountant b) CPA c) auditor d) bookkeeper
Which accounting career is responsible for processing financial paperwork & needs an associates degree?
a) accountant b) bookkeeper c) bank teller d) auditor
Which IT career writes codes for computer programs/software?
a) computer programmer b) software designer c) multimedia designer d) help desk technician
Which IT career is responsible for supporting computer software issues & can be done remotely from another location?
a) help desk technician b) computer engineer c) computer programmer d) multimedia designer
Which IT career creates, designs, and maintains software?
a) computer programmer b) software designer c) help desk technician d) multimedia designer
Which management career organizes & oversees an educational institution?
a) health service manager b) education administrator c) loan officers d) hotel manager
Which management career is responsible for managing hotel staff, receptions, and reservations?
a) hotel manager b) health service manager c) loan officers d) education administrators
Which management career works for banks to help individuals and businesses obtain funds?
a) education administrator b) loan officers c) health service manager d) hotel manager
Which management career plans, directs, coordinates, and supervises the hospitals & health care systems?
a) education administrators b) loan officers c) health service manager d) hotel manager
Which accounting career checks on the accuracy of work completed by bookkeepers & accountants?
a) accountant b) CPA c) bookkeeper d) auditor
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