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A decomposer is a consumer that eats animals.
a) True b) c) d) False
An organism\'s niche is defined as the environment in which it lives.
a) True b) c) d) False
Organisms that eat producers or other organisms to obtain energy are called scavengers.
a) True b) c) d) False
Environmental factors in an ecosystem include abiotic factors.
a) True b) c) d) False
A tree that is unaffected by an orchid living on one of its branches is an example of mutualism.
a) True b) c) d) False
The following is the correct order in a food chain: Sun->consumers->predators->parasites->hosts
a) True b) c) d) False
Scientists who study the connections among living things specialize in the science of biology.
a) True b) c) d) False
Which is a single individual from a population?
a) organism b) ecosystem c) community d) niche
Which of the following would be an example of competition between populations of different species?
a) a rabbit and racoon drinking from a puddle b) all of the above c) many tomato seedlings growing in a small plot of soil d) two babies fighting over a toy
The relationship between cats and rats is one of:
a) parasite and host b) producer and consumer c) consumer and decomposer d) predator and prey
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