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a slinky moves the same as what type of wave?
a) longitudinal b) transverse c) electromagnetic d) crest
X-rays and microwaves are examples of what type of wave?
a) electromagnetic b) longitudinal c) ocean d) sound
As the frequency of a wave increases, what happens to the wavelength?
a) it decreases b) it increases c) it stays the same d) it gets larger
the number of waves in a given amount of time refers to what?
a) frequency b) pitch c) wavelength d) waves
Places in a sound wave that are packed tightly together would be
a) compressions b) rarefactions c) refraction d) longitudinal
how high or low a sound is
a) pitch b) loudness c) amplitude d) sound
the maximum distance particles of a waves' medium vibrate from its rest position
a) amplitude b) frequency c) distance d) pitch
which of these do not require a medium
a) microwave waves b) longitudinal waves c) sound waves d) ocean waves
these waves have particles that vibrate perpendicular to the direction of the wave
a) transverse b) longitudinal c) sound d) pitch
the lowest part of a transverse wave
a) trough b) crest c) compression d) rarefaction
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