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What document sets up the VA state government?
a) The VA Constitution b) The U.S. Constitution c) The VA Declaration of Rights d) The Charters of the VA Company of London
The two houses of the VA General Assembly are...?
a) The House of Delegates and the VA Senate b) The House of Representatives and the VA Senate c) The Senate House 1 and 2 d) House of Reps 1 and 2
Who is the leader of the executive branch on the state level?
a) The governor b) The President c) The Senate d) The Judges of the Supreme Court
In state government, who are executive branch officers elected to a four-year term?
a) Sheriff and deputy sheriff b) Mayor and vice mayor c) Lt. Governor and the Attorney General d) President and Vice President
In state government, who exercises executive power and appoints members of the cabinet to oversee specific functions of government?
a) The governor b) The Lt. Governor c) The President d) The Sheriff
The General Assembly is part of which branch of government?
a) Legislative b) Executive c) Judicial d) Parliamentary
According to the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, powers not given to the national government are reserved for the people and the...?
a) States b) President c) Foreign Countries d) Vice President
Which branch of VA government contains the VA Supreme Court, VA Court of Appeals, and Circuit Courts, and General District Courts?
a) Judicial b) Legislative c) Executive d) Parliamentary
Chief legislator, Chief of State, Chief Administrator, Party Chief, and Commander in Chief are roles played by...?
a) The Governor b) The Lt. Governor c) The President d) The Attorney General
Powers shared by the national and state governments are called...?
a) concurrent or shared powers b) expressed or enumerated powers c) implied powers d) reserved powers
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