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The Moon gives off its own light
a) false b) true c) no answer given d) both answers correct
A solar eclipse occurs during a phase
a) New Moon b) Full Moon c) Waxing Gibbous d) Waning Gibbous
A lunar eclipse occurs during phase
a) Full Moon b) New Moon c) Waning Crescent d) Waxing Crescent
A property off light waves that bends as they go through one substance to the next
a) refraction b) reflection c) mirrors d) lens
If you travel east you one hour for each time zone you cross
a) gain b) lose c) gain two hours d) lose two hours
Night and day are caused by
a) Earth's rotation b) Earth's revolution c) Moon's rotation d) Moon's revolution
Season's are caused by
a) Earth's tilted axis as it orbits the Sun b) Earth's revolution c) Moon's revolution d) Moon's rotation
The Moon has
a) eight phases b) seven phases c) six phases d) five phases
When the Moon passes through Earth's shadow
a) lunar eclipse b) solar eclipse c) tidal wave d) neap tide
When Earth passes through the Moon's shadow
a) solar eclipse b) lunar eclipse c) neap tide d) spring tide
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