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A.D. 500s became leaders of the Catholic Church
a) Pope b) Missionary c) Vassal d) Protestant
Teachers of Christianity, many who were munks and nuns.
a) Missionary b) Serf c) Manor d) Guild
Workers organizations, different guilds controlled industries such as brewing, cloth making, boat building, and many others.
a) Guild b) Vassal c) Manor d) Indulgences
Noble in medieval society who swore loyalty to a lord in return for land.
a) Vassal b) Guild c) Serf d) Missionary
Person who 'protested' Catholic practices; today, a member of a non-catholic Christian church
a) Protestant b) Serf c) Missionary d) Pope
Political and social system in which a lord gave land to a noble to work, govern, and defend, in return for the noble's loyalty.
a) Feudalism b) Indulgences c) Guild d) Missionary
Peasant laborer
a) Serf b) Manor c) Vassal d) Missionary
Feudal estate made up of a manor house or castle and land.
a) Manor b) Vassal c) Guild d) Mission
Pardons for sins, given or sold by the Catholic Church.
a) Indulgences b) Reformation c) Missionary d) Protestant
The movement to change of reform the Catholic Church.
a) Reformation b) Vassal c) Guild d) Manor
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