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A formal interview with an employee who is leaving a company to determine the person’s attitudes and feelings about the company and seek suggestions for improvement.
a) employee turnover b) exit interview c) transfer d) job specification
A list of the qualifications and skills a worker needs to do a job.
a) job description b) job specification c) transfer d) exit interview
A temporary or permanent reduction in the number of employees resulting from a change in business conditions.
a) layoff b) employee turnover c) discharge d) transfer
Employer programs that provide confidential personal problem-solving, counseling, and support services for employees.
a) employee assistance b) FMLA c) exit interview d) 360-degree feedback
Federal law that entitles eligible employees to take unpaid leave for specified family and medical reasons.
a) FMLA b) FSLA c) Social Security d) Medicare
Federal law that prescribes standards for wages and overtime pay.
a) FLSA b) FMLA c) Social Security d) Medicare
The advancement of an employee within a company to a position with more authority and responsibility.
a) promotion b) transfer c) discharge d) job specification
The assignment of an employee to another job in the company that involves the same level of responsibility and authority as the person’s current work.
a) transfer b) promotion c) employee assistance d) discharge
The rate at which people enter and leave employment in a business during a year.
a) employee turnover b) discharge c) layoff d) transfer
The release of an employee from the company due to inappropriate work behavior.
a) discharge b) layoff c) exit interview d) employee turnover
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