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widely joyous
a) dapper b) somber c) exuberant d) jaunty
someone like you
a) menace b) miser c) wince d) peer
stands firm in one\'s belief or cause
a) oppose b) resolute c) contrary d) revel
something that damages or hinders
a) detrimental b) miser c) gaunt d) indignant
doubting the sincerity of others
a) gaunt b) exuberant c) cynical d) billow
burdened with things
a) contour b) mutilate c) ruthless d) laden
favorable outlook or circumstances
a) ruddy b) auspicious c) malicious d) poised
to move faster
a) accelerate b) submerge c) chortle d) tendon
doing well; good fortune
a) pernicious b) menace c) auspicious d) prosperity
to push aside
a) jostle b) malleable c) malicious d) batter
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