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What does CGI stand for?
a) Computer Graphics Imagery b) Computer Generated Internet c) Computer Generated Imagery d) Cartoon Graphic Imagery
What server does email use?
a) client b) IP c) STMP d) POP3
What is another name for Junk Mail?
a) Spam b) Trash c) Usernmae d) STMP
What does IM stand for?
a) Immediate Messages b) Instant Messaging c) Interweb Messages d) Internet Messaging
What does IP stand for?
a) Internet Protocol b) Internet Privacy c) Image Protocol d) Internet Precision
What is is an electronic device that manipulates information, or \
a) Storage device b) mouse c) keyboard d) Computer
Hardware is the part of the computer...
a) you can\'t touch b) that sends data c) you can touch d) that manipulates data
Software is the part of the computer...
a) that you can\'t touch b) that you can\'t see c) that moves d) that you can touch
How does Binary Code work?
a) It adds up to 246 b) It can\'t be used c) It translates data on a computer d) It reads info to you
What\'s an example of a computer\'s operating system?
a) Google b) Microsoft Word c) Dell d) Windows 8
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