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_______ rice?
a) Are there some b) Is there a few c) Is there any d) Are there any
My daughter loves to cook, so her family eats________.
a) a lot of homemade food. b) a few of homemade food. c) any frozen food. d) much healthy food.
I like this brand of canned corn because it doesn't have __________.
a) some salt. b) any salt. c) a few salt. d) little salt.
___________ eggs are there?
a) How much b) Is there c) Are there d) How many
___________ oil is there?
a) How much b) Is there c) Are there d) How many
Can you buy more milk at the store? There is only _______ milk in the fridge.
a) a lot b) lots of c) a little d) a few
Fruit is her favorite food. She eats ________ apples.
a) a lot of b) lots c) many of d) much
I would like ______ water.
a) little b) some c) any d) a few of
How ________ pounds of rice?
a) much b) many c) little d) some
There's _______ of meat in the refrigerator.
a) much b) many c) a lot d) a few
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