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The main function of the skull is to
a) produce blood cells b) act like a lever for muscle attachment c) protect heart and lungs d) protect brain
Where is cardiac muscle located?
a) arms b) bones c) heart d) lungs
Which of the following is NOT a function of bones in the human skeletal system?
a) regulate body temperature b) move body parts c) protect organs d) store minerals
Which of the following provides support for the body, attachment sites for muscles, and protection for internal organs?
a) skeletal b) lymphatic c) endocrine d) muscular
What is the smallest structural and functional unit of the nervous system?
a) tissue b) brain c) neuron d) nervous system
Which system coordinates the response of the body to changes in its internal and external environment?
a) lymphatic b) nervous c) endocrine d) digestive
The process by which organ systems maintain relatively constant internal conditions is called
a) circulation. b) teamwork c) organization d) homeostasis
A group of similar cells that perform a single function is called a(an)
a) nerve b) organ system c) tissue d) organ
The levels of organization in the body include
a) endocrine, respiratory, digestive, and nervous b) lymphatic, respiratory, and circulatory c) cells, tissues, and functions. d) cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems.
Which system regulates and controls growth, development, and metabolism?
a) endocrine system b) skeletal system c) integumentary system d) lymphatic system
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