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Process by which minerals and sediments are formed together
a) cementation b) sediment c) fossil d) compression
Stress that squeezes a rock until it folds and breaks
a) compression b) pressure c) erosion d) compaction
breakdown of rock
a) erosion b) fracture c) luster d) fossil
a mixture of minerals compacted together
a) rock b) luster c) mineral d) fossil
the look and feel of a rock
a) texture b) sediments c) fracture d) luster
small pieces of rock
a) sediments b) erosion c) fracture d) fossils
force exerted over a surface
a) pressure b) cementation c) compaction d) fossil
ability to reflect light; how shiny or dull something is
a) luster b) pressure c) texture d) fracture
meaning heat
a) therm b) cephal c) iso d) bio
remains of once living organisms
a) fossil b) mineral c) rock d) sediment
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