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Mr. Smith writes on the chalkboard.
a) chalkboard b) on c) writes d) the
The children sit at their desks.
a) at b) desks c) children d) sit
The students hang up their coats.
a) students b) hang c) up d) coats
The class says the flag salute.
a) the b) says c) flag d) class
The girl kicks the soccer ball.
a) kicks b) soccer c) girl d) ball
The bell rings to start class.
a) bell b) rings c) start d) class
Mrs. Long reads the lunch menu.
a) reads b) lunch c) Mrs. Long d) menu
The backpacks hold all the books.
a) books b) hold c) backpacks d) all
The teacher picks up the students from music.
a) picks b) teacher c) music d) students
The cars stop at the red light.
a) cars b) light c) red d) stop
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