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What type of notation should be used if a map were included in the envelope with the letter?
a) copy b) enclosure c) typist initials d) attachment
What type of document would be MOST APPROPRIATE to thank a senator for speaking to a class?
a) academic report b) business letter c) memorandum d) attachment
What type of computer program would MOST LIKELY be used to key a letter?
a) word processing b) spreadsheet c) database d) multimedia presentation
What type of correspondence would be BEST to complain about a restaurant?
a) Unbound report b) Memorandum c) Personal business letter d) table
The principal is writing a letter to a parent. A copy of the letter is given to the teacher. What should be included in the letter?
a) enclosure notation b) attachment notation c) typist initials d) copy notation
The business owner hand wrote a letter that was given to his secretary to key using word processing software. What should be included on the letter?
a) typist initals b) enclosure c) copy d) attachment
Which part is the author's address?
a) inside address b) salutation c) return address d) complimentary close
How is the salutation written?
a) Sincerely b) Rebecca Dunworthy c) Enclosures d) Dear Julie
Which part is the address of the person receiving the letter?
a) letter address b) return address c) salutation d) complimentary close
Which part is the complimentary closing?
a) Dear Julie b) Sincerely yours c) 123 Baker St. d) Enclosure
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