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DNA contains ______; while RNA contains _______
a) deoxyribose; ribose b) ribose; deoxyribose c) deoxyribose;deoxyribose d) ribose;ribose
Another word for the letters (ATGCU) in DNA and RNA are
a) Bases b) Sugars c) Phosphates d) Backbones
Hydrogen bonds are..
a) strong to hold DNA together as tight as possible b) strong to resist mutations c) weak so DNA breaks apart easily for replication d) useless
Amino acids make...
a) Proteins b) Carbohydrates c) Lipids d) Nucleic Acids
When making DNA or RNA, what does T pair with?
a) G b) C c) A d) U
When making RNA, what does A pair with?
a) U b) G c) T d) C
When making DNA, what does A pair with?
a) U b) G c) T d) C
This RNA carries the message for what protein to make
a) mRNA b) rRNA c) tRNA d) dRNA
This RNA transfers amino acids to help make proteins
a) mRNA b) rRNA c) tRNA d) dRNA
This RNA reads the message and lets tRNA know what to bring.
a) mRNA b) rRNA c) tRNA d) dRNA
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