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If you wish to change the layout of the page from portait to landscape, which icon will you first click on?
a) themes b) right click c) paragraph d) orientation
True/False: In order to change the line spacing from multiple to double, you click on page setup.
a) true b) c) d) false
To adjust your tabs, click on which of the following:
a) Paragraph b) Arrange c) Page backgrouds d) Page setup
How can you insert a page border?
a) themes b) insert c) arrange d) page borders
How can you create your own theme font?
a) page background box b) page setup c) click on fonts in the theme icon box d) colors in theme icon box
What are the normal margin settings?
a) 1\ b) all 1\ c) all 1.75\ d) 1\
Under the arrange box, what do you click on to \
a) position b) wrap text c) align icon d) selection pane
What do you normally change the paragraph after spacing to ?
a) 0 pt b) 5 pt c) 7.5 pt d) 10 pt
What are some of the standard colors on the page color icon?
a) yellow accent 2, orange accent 5, green b) purple, green, blue c) blue accent 2, purple, lime green d) purple accent 3, blue, green accent 2
How do you change margin settings from the standard ones?
a) click orientation b) custom settings c) page setup d) click margins then custom margins
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