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Moon phases depend on the position of the ...
a) Earth, Sun, and Moon b) Moon and Sun c) Earth and Moon d) Just the Moon
When it is summer in North Carolina, it will be _____________ in South America.
a) Winter b) Summer c) Spring d) Fall
The Earth rotating around it's axis is why we experience _____________
a) Day and night b) The 4 seasons c) Rain and Snow d) Clouds
The longest day of the year is known as the
a) Summer Solstice b) Spring Equinox c) Winter Solstice d) Fall Equinox
The darkest part of the Moon's shadow during a solar eclipse is called the...
a) Umbra b) Penumbra c) Axis d) Ellipse
When none of the Moon can be seen from Earth it is known as a...
a) New Moon b) Full Moon c) Waning Crescent d) Third Quarter
The Earth's yearly orbit around the Sun is known as _____________.
a) revolution b) rotation c) ellipse d) sphere
When the Moon is able to be completely seen from Earth it is known as a
a) Full Moon b) New Moon c) First Quarter Phase d) Waxing Gibbous
The point at which the Sun reaches its greatest distance north or south of the equator it is called a __________.
a) solstice b) equinox c) ellipse d) eclipse
When the amount of the Moon's lighted surface that can be seen becomes smaller it is called _________.
a) waning b) waxing c) new moon d) full moon
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