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Which of these is NOT a fossil fuel?
a) Coal b) Oil c) Natural Gas d) Biofuels
Which of the following contains the oldest fossils?
a) The bottom one b) The one with a fossil c) The middle one d) The top one
Which of the following is needed to make sedimentary rock?
a) Heat and pressure b) Translation and rotation c) Weathering and Cementation d) Melting and burning
When were fossil fuels formed?
a) When ancient living creatures died and were buried b) When the Earth was full of heat and coal c) When dinosaurs lived on the Earth d) When few living things lived on Earth
Most fossils were formed in
a) Concrete b) Sedimentary rock c) Volcanic rock d) Metamorphic rock
Erosion is...
a) A land form that often forms between mountains b) Movement of rock c) The process that breaks down rocks d) BACON IS YUMMY WITH PANCAKES!
How is a delta formed?
a) By irrigation of a river b) By rotation c) By precipitation d) By deposition of sediments at the mouth of a river
Which of the following is MOST likely form an island?
a) Volcanic eruption b) Erosion c) Earthquake d) Weathering
Sand dunes are
a) A land form afffected by wind b) A landform caused by reflection c) A land form caused by ice d) A landform caused by erosion
A valley is caused by
a) glaciers (ice) b) water c) wind d) shaking
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