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Where did world leaders meet to discuss the fate of Napoleon's territory?
a) Vienna b) London c) Paris d) Berlin
Which king extended new rights to the people of France after the fall of Napoleon?
a) Napoleon II b) Louis XIV c) Cardinal Richeleau d) King Louis XVIII
What was the nickname of Louis-Phillipe?
a) Sun King b) Citizen King c) Louis the Great d) Demon King
What is a strong feeling of loyalty or attachment to language, culture, or territory?
a) Imperialism b) Radicalism c) Communism d) Nationalism
What types of governments were people hoping to get during the mid-1800's?
a) Monarchy b) Democracy c) Dictatorships d) Oligarchy
Which country ruled the people of Poland?
a) Russia b) Prussia c) Germany d) Poland
What was the literary arts movement inspired by nationalism?
a) Realism b) Romanticism c) Humanism d) Historicalism
Who was the first elected president of France?
a) Napoleon III b) Danny Brere c) Ilka Sinasalo d) Jacque Stevenson
Which year in Europe can be seen as a year of revolutions?
a) 1776 b) 1896 c) 1793 d) 1848
Which country had one of the first successful revolutions in mid-1800's?
a) Italy b) Poland c) Belgium d) Germany
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