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All cells have an outer covering called a
a) cell membrane b) cell wall c) nucleus d) vacuole
Scientists separate cells into _________ groups.
a) 2 b) 1 c) 3 d) 4
_____________ are tough, rigid, outer coverings that protect plant cells and give them shape.
a) Cell walls b) Cell membranes c) Vacuoles d) Nuclei
Water is able to move freely into and out of the cell through the cell _______________
a) membrane b) wall c) nucleus d) vacuole
The _________________ directs all cell activity.
a) nucleus b) cell wall c) vacuole d) golgi bodies
In plant cells, food is made in ___________________.
a) the chloroplasts b) the cell wall c) the cell membrane d) the nucleus
A cell is the ____________________ unit capable of performing life functions.
a) smallest b) largest c) most complex d) undiscovered
Some _____________________ process energy, and others manufacture substances needed by the cell.
a) organelles b) membranes c) walls d) cells
The energy in food is stored until it is released by the _____________________.
a) mitochondria b) golgi bodies c) ER d) ribosomes
Cells make their own proteins on structures called ________________.
a) ribosomes b) ER c) vacuole d) vesicles
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