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Who proposed the continental drift hypothesis in 1912?
a) Darwin b) Bellamy c) Percival d) Wegner
Which of these is the thinnest?
a) Plate b) Lithopshere c) Oceanic Crust d) Continental Crust
What drives the plate movement?
a) lava b) conduction c) continental drift d) heat and convection
Which type of fault has motion that occurs is a sideways fashion?
a) normal b) reverse c) transform d) normal and reverse
Which type of fault involves compression?
a) normal b) reverse c) transform d) normal and reverse
At a convergent boundary between an oceanic plate and a continental plate, material is ___________________.
a) create b) destroyed c) created and destroyed d) neither created nor destroyed
The San Andreas fault is an excellent example of a ______________ fault.
a) normal b) reverse c) transform d) compressional
Which of these does NOT provide some evidence for plate tectonics?
a) the formation of certain mountains b) the distribution of earthquakes and volcanoes c) the correlation of mountains, rocks, minerals, and fossils d) All of these provide evidence for plate tectonics
One plate goes under another in a __________________.
a) subduction zone b) transform fault area c) seafloor spreading zone d) region of paleomagnetism
Where are some of Earth's youngest rocks found?
a) high in the Himalayas b) deep within the ocean trenches c) at seafloor spreading centers d) at convergent plate boundaries
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