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What is the hypothesis that states that continents once formed a single landmass, broke up, and drifted to their present locations.
a) continental drift b) plate tectonics c) Pangea d) sea-floor spreading
What are underwater mountain chains that run through Earth’s ocean basins.
a) mid-ocean ridges b) volcanoes c) plate tectonics d) sandbars
Which does not provide evidence of continental drift?
a) photographs b) similar fossils c) shapes of continents d) similar rocks
Who is the scientist that wrote the hypothesis of continental drift?
a) Alfred Wegener b) Howard Hess c) Bill Gates d) Bill Nye
The process by which new oceanic lithosphere forms as magma rises toward the surface.
a) sea-floor spreading b) continental drift c) subduction d) thermal heating
Sea-floor spreading takes place here.
a) the mid-ocean ridges b) the outer core c) the magnetic poles d) Pangaea
When the Earth's magnetic poles change places, it is called this.
a) magnetic reversal b) seismic wave c) mid-ocean ridge d) continental drift
Which of the following provides evidence of sea-floor spreading?
a) magnetic reversal b) subduction c) seismographs d) continetal drift
What were the two huge continents formed 180 million years ago?
a) Lauraia and Gondwana b) Eurasia and Gondwana c) Pangaea and Panthalassa d) North and South America
Which statement is not true?
a) Younger crust is found farther away from mid-ocean ridges than older crust. b) Plant fossils found in Antartica support Wegener's hypothesis. c) Panthalassa was the sea that surrounded Pangaea. d) The record of magnetic reversals was the final proof that sea-floor spreading does occur.
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