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Which is NOT part of the Earth’s water cycle?
a) soil erosion b) radiation from the sun c) cloud formation d) rain
Which of the following is involved in some way in the formation of clouds?
a) The condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere b) The evaporation of water from oceans and other bodies of water c) The runoff of water into large bodies of water d) All of the above
Plants produce food in a process called
a) Transpiration b) Respiration c) Photosynthesis d) Cryogenesis
Carbon is
a) Needed by all living things b) Not needed by all living things c) Found only in the atmosphere d) All of the above
Heat energy moves in predictable ways, flowing from
a) Objects of the same temperature b) Warmer objects to cooler ones c) Cooler objects to warmer ones d) All of the above
Nitrogen makes up ___________ of earth’s atmosphere.
a) 26% b) 51% c) 78% d) 92%
Nitrogen is needed by all living things to make . . .
a) sugar b) proteins c) food d) movies
The largest amount of nitrogen is found
a) Inside of people b) In the oceans c) In the atmosphere d) Trapped in the soil
Nitrogen in the atmosphere reaches the soil in which way?
a) Plants grab it from the air. b) Lightning and rain work together to bring Nitrogen to the soil c) It reaches the soil through animal waste. d) Rain and animal waste
Which part of the water cycle involves water changing into vapor?
a) Precipitation b) Run-off c) Evaporation d) Condensation
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