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a triangular piece of glass or plastic that bends light
a) prism b) visible light c) primary colors d) pigments
colors that can be made by blending primary colors
a) pigments b) electromagnetic spectrum c) secondary colors d) CMY model
tiny solid particles that provide color by absorbing wavelengths of light
a) ultraviolet b) secondary c) primary d) pigments
the color model in which primary colors of light combine and produce all other colors
a) RGB model b) electromagnetic spectrum c) ABC model d) CMY model
the color model that uses subtractive color mixing
a) RGB model b) EM spectrum c) prism d) CMY model
waves of light that contain a mixture of wavelengths that the human eye can detect
a) EM spectrum b) pigments c) visible light d) RGB model
the wavelengths that we can see are located in what area of the electromagnetic spectrum
a) none b) beginning c) middle d) end
the light that is reflected by an object determines
a) its mass b) its color c) its absorption d) its speed
a blue shirt reflects
a) red b) yellow c) orange d) blue
which of the following is not an option when sunlight strikes an object
a) radiation b) reflection c) refraction d) absorption
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