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The Cell Theory states all but which of the following?
a) All living things are made of cells b) All cells come from other living cells c) Cells are the basic unit of life d) Cells must have a true nucleus to be considered living
A major difference between plant and animal cells is
a) Only animal cells have a nucleus b) Only plant cells have mitochondria c) Only plant cells have chloroplasts d) Only animal cells have a cell wall
The organelle in which cellular respiration occurs providing energy for cells is called the
a) mitochondria b) chloroplast c) nucleus d) lysosome
The sum of all processes that require energy in a cell or living thing is called
a) nutrition b) disease c) digestion d) metabolism
The part of a cell that breaks down wastes products is called the
a) mitochondria b) nucleus c) lysosome d) vacuole
Osmosis is the movement of __________________ across a membrane.
a) cytoplasm b) water c) food d) energy
In a ______________________ solution, the amount of concentration and water is equal on both sides of the plasma membrane.
a) mitotic b) hypotonic c) hypertonic d) isotonic
The ______________ is the control center of the cell; also stores the genetic information of the cell.
a) vacuole b) nucleus c) cell membrane d) cell wall
The plasma membrane is _____________________, which means it allows only certain substances to pass in and out of the cell.
a) partially permeable b) selectively permeable c) completely permeable d) sticky
____________ are the structures that synthesize (manufacture) proteins.
a) Nuclei b) Golgi apparatus c) Ribosomes d) Cell membrane
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