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make less painful and troubling.
a) basking b) assuage c) somberly d) turbulent
extremely clean and tidy.
a) advocacy b) desolate c) mistreated d) immaculate
kindhearted and understanding.
a) vital b) panic c) loathe d) compassionate
excited and happy.
a) gleeful b) monopolize c) cumbersome d) bustles
delighted and thrilled with something.
a) enterprising b) enraptured c) excursions d) sensibility
speaks with difficulty, often stopping or repeating.
a) damage b) stammers c) pinnacle d) sleek
lost confidence about something.
a) coordination b) bland c) deflated d) analyzing
having value and special meaning.
a) immaculate b) compassionate c) dilapidated d) precious
notice or discover.
a) detect b) turbulent c) altruism d) gleeful
makes a deep cut or dent.
a) excursions b) gouges c) monopolize d) deflated
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