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The two kinds of wave transfer are called:
a) Light & Sound b) Electromagnetic & Mechanical c) energy & medium d) Longitudinal & Transverse
The type of wave that can travel through the vacuum of space
a) sound b) mechanical c) electromagnetic d) longitudinal
Type of wave when the particles of the medium vibrate parallel with the energy
a) electromagnetic b) transverse c) light d) longitudinal
Which form of energy must have a medium to travel through?
a) microwave b) ultraviolet c) sound d) light
When waves bounce back off of a surface or barrier they are
a) reflected b) refracted c) diffracted d) interferred
The distance between two points found in succession on the wave is called the
a) amplitude b) crest c) wavelength d) trough
The number of waves that pass a point in one second is called the
a) period b) amplitude c) frequency d) velocity
Which property of a wave is determined by the medium?
a) Period b) Amplitude c) Frequency d) Velocity
If the period of a wave is 0.5 s and its velocity is 2 m/s, what is its wavelength?
a) 1 m b) 2.5 m c) 4 m/s d) 0.025 m/s
Two pulses are heading toward each other, one is a 2m crest and the other is a 3m trough.When they meet they will become
a) a 5m crest b) a 5m trough c) a 1 m crest d) a 1 m trough
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