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The Agricultural Revolution
a) began with an extensive pattern of cultural diffusion b) occurred about the same time thoughout the world c) was an abrupt process beginning in 8000 B.C.E. d) saw the use of agricultural methods that encouraged migration
During the Agricultural Revolution, women
a) were confined to chilbearing duties b) participated in hunting activites with men c) experienced a decrease in status d) observed and studied the agricultural environment
The Egyptian civlization was similar to the Sumerian civilziation
a) in its reliance on natural defense barriers b) in its system of social stratification c) it its political structure d) in the extent to which its culture was diffused
The earliest civlizations in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres were simliar in
a) their location at simliar latitudes b) their technological knowledge c) their reliance on the flooding of major rivers in their midst d) their practice of polytheism
The Indus valley civlization
a) relied heavily on communal planning b) was isolated from other river valley civlizations because of surrounding mountains c) is best sutided through its written records d) shared simliar flood control concerns with the Egyptians
The early civlization with the least developed technology was
a) Mesopotamia b) Harappan c) Egyptian d) Sumerian
The roots of classical india included
a) the aryan written language, or sanskrit b) the egalitarian aryan society c) aryan agricultural knowledge d) Vedic traditional literature
Shang China
a) developed numerous artistic works even though they did not know the use of metals b) left no decipherable written records c) contributed to the development of central government in China d) was less urbanized than the Nile valley civlization
Early societies of South America
a) were unified under a central goverment b) were challenged by geographic limitations c) developed socities that had no knowledge of metals d) traded widely with regions to their north
Results of cultural diffusion among early civilizations included
a) the invention of the wheel b) the legend of Quetzalcoatl c) the cultivation of potatoes d) none of the above
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