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The green material that is needed by plants for photosynthesis
a) roots b) chlorophyll c) pistil d) photosynthesis
Tiny openings in the upper and lower surfaces of the leaf
a) stoma b) leaves c) fllowers d) roots
The process in which plants make their own food
a) Mc Donalds b) photosynthesis c) growing d) moving
The part of the stem that carries food from the leaves to other parts of the plants
a) xylem b) phloem c) roots d) buds
The part of the stem that carries water and dissolved minerals upward from the roots
a) xylem b) phloem c) branches d) buds
The main job of this structure is to support the leaves and transport materials from the roots
a) roots b) stem c) flower d) leaves
This root system is made up of many thin branched roots
a) taproot system b) leaves c) fibrous roots d) messy roots
These are tube like structures absorb water and nutrients and anchor a plant in the ground.
a) bud b) bud c) leaves d) roots
A yellow powder produced by the plants stamen and is the male sex cell
a) roots b) stems c) pollen d) chlorophyll
The process in which the plants makes its own food
a) magic b) moving c) photosynthesis d) roots
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