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to lie under oath
a) perjury b) tariff c) political party d) boycott
the amount of money that a government has borrowed form banks and other countires
a) national debt b) free trade c) political party d) boycott
a person who comes to live in a new country
a) immigrant b) boycott c) terrorist d) perjury
trade between countires without governmental restrictions and tariffs
a) free trade b) boycott c) perjury d) immigrant
a person who uses violance to promote a cause
a) terrorist b) political party c) perjury d) immigrant
a tax placed on imported and exported goods
a) tariff b) boycott c) national debt d) tarriff
a group of people who share similar views about the government
a) political party b) national debt c) boycott d) free trade
the act of refusing to use, buy, or deal with a store, company,or organization to express a protest
a) boycott b) national debt c) terrorist d) perjury
a person who has traditional views and values
a) conservative b) liberal c) d)
a person who does not have traditional views and values
a) liberal b) conservative c) d)
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