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Water that is beneath Earth's surface
a) groundwater b) porosity c) geyser d) impermeable
Body of rock or sediment that stores groundwater and allows the flow of groundwater
a) geyser b) well c) Aquifer d) water table
Ability of a rock or sediment to let fluids pass through its open spaces or pores
a) porosity b) permeability c) well d) aeration
Natural flow of groundwater to Earth's surface in places where the ground surface dips below the water table
a) geysers b) aquifer c) well d) spring
Water cannot flow through it
a) impermeable b) permeable c) recharge zone d) aeration
upper surface of underground water
a) impermeable b) aquifer c) spring d) water table
Zone of an aquifer in which the pore space is completely filled with water
a) well b) saturation c) permeable d) aeration
anywhere that water from the surface can travel through permeable rock to reach an aquifer
a) aeration b) aquifer c) saturation d) recharge zone
Hole that is dug to below the level of the water table
a) spring b) well c) aquifer d) groundwater
Zone that lies between the water table and Earth's surface
a) porosity b) saturation c) aeration d) well
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