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The central part of Earth is called the ______________.
a) core b) crust c) mantle d) landform
_______________ is the thick layer of solid and molten rock that surrounds the core.
a) mantle b) fault c) magma d) core
All of Earth's liquid and solid water makes up its ___________________.
a) landform b) crust c) mantle d) hydrosphere
A ____________ is a physical feature on Earth's surface.
a) landform b) crust c) fault d) mantle
Magma is ________________.
a) cold, liquid rock b) warm rock c) hot, melted rock d) cold rock
_____________ a scientifc theory that Earth's crust is made of moving plates.
a) Plate tectonics b) core c) mantle d) magma
__________ are deep cracks in Earth's crust where rocks move in opposite directions.
a) faults b) crust c) core d) magma
When plates collide, one plate can sink under the other. This is called ____________.
a) subduction b) compression c) faults d) core
When plates collide, the force that results is called _____________.
a) compression b) subduction c) faults d) core
The ________________ is the thin layer of solid rock that makes up the outermost layer of Earth.
a) crust b) mantle c) magma d) fault
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