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Eats other organisms
a) A. consumer b) B. producer c) C. herbivore d) D. decomposer
Used the last bit of energy from organisms and breaks down dead organisms
a) A. biomass b) B. omnivore c) C. decomposer d) D. producer
Organisms that cannot make their own food they make up many levels of the food web
a) A. herbivore b) B. producer c) C. heterotroph d) D. decomposer
a) A. auto-troph b) B. heterotroph c) C. herbivore d) D. consumer
Eats only meat/animals
a) A. herbivore b) B. consumer c) C. omnivore d) D. carnivore
Makes its own food through photosynthesis
a) A. consumer b) B. heterotroph c) C. producer d) D. decomposer
Eats only producers or plants
a) A. carnivore b) B. herbivore c) C. producer d) D. omnivore
The amount of organic matter in an ecosystem
a) A. autotroph b) B. producer c) C. hetertroph d) D. biomass
Will eat both animals and plants
a) A. omnivore b) B. carnivore c) C. producer d) D. herbivore
What is the chemical equation for photosynthesis?
a) A. Oxygen + Light + Water --> Food and Oxygen b) B. Carbon Dioxide + Water + Light --> Food and Oxygen c) C. Carbon Dioxide + Water + Light --> Carbon Dixoide and Oxygen d) D. Carbon Dioxide + Water --> Food and Oxygen
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