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Herbert went to the bookstore and bought 6 books. Each book costs $3.19. With no tax, how much did all the books cost?
a) $20.00 b) $3.19 c) $19.14 d) $14.19
Austin has 102 pairs of shoes. If each pair of shoes cost $40.00, how much did he have to pay in all?
a) $480 b) $4080 c) $500 d) $5000
Clark has $8.66, but his friend Johnny has $10.20. How much more does Johnny have than Clark?
a) $5.32 b) $0.94 c) $2.54 d) $1.54
Larry has $200.00. But Elounor has $50.00. How much more does Larry have than Elounor?
a) $100.00 b) $200.00 c) $75.98 d) $50.00
Kevin has $1.57 that he found on the street. In his savings, he has $22.00. How much money does he have in all?
a) $14.00 b) $34.54 c) $20.43 d) $23.57
Shanaynay went to Tristan's Weave Emporium and bought 25 packs of hot pink weave. If each weave pack cost $95.00, how much did she have to pay in all?
a) $5375.00 b) $2375.00 c) $70.00 d) $3.80
Sarah The Granny was on AaoOd2. She got payed $150.00. If Harry earned $310.00, how much more did he earn than Sarah?
a) $46500.00 b) $-160.00 c) $160.00 d) $460.00
Loki, Payzer's dog, ate 2 bowls of dog food. If each bag of dog food carries 10 bowls, and the cost is $40.00, how much would 2 bowls cost?
a) $8.00 b) $10.00 c) $20.00 d) $37.00
Roshandra and her sister go to the beach 5 times a year. The total cost is $600.00. What is the cost of one trip?
a) $75.00 b) $300.00 c) $120.00 d) $200.00
Luna bought 5 outfits. If each outfit cost $25.00, how much does 11 outfits cost?
a) $200.00 b) $125.00 c) $5.00 d) $55.00
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