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Lord of the Flies is about
a) adventure b) murder c) selfishness d) diseased humanity
Ralph is the
a) protagonist b) antagonist c) rationalist d) philanthropist
The boy who reveals the most intelligence is
a) Piggy b) Jack c) Simon d) Ralph
Lord of the Flies is an example of a
a) thriller b) murder mystery c) dystopic novel d) science fiction
The novel alludes to
a) World War I b) World War II c) The American Civil War d) A futuristic war
The first boy to die on the island is
a) Simon b) the boy with the mulberry birthmark c) Sam d) Piggy
The characters who are the closest to each other in relationship are
a) Ralph and Piggy b) Sam and Eric c) Jack and Roger d) Simon and the littleuns
The symbol which best represents the theme is
a) Piggy's specs b) the conch c) fire d) the Beastie
William Golding's attitude to humanity is
a) admiring b) pessimistic c) amused d) angry
The boys are rescued by
a) a helicopter b) a naval vessel c) a boat d) Ralph's father, who is a naval officer
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