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Maintaining stable internal conditions is called
a) shivering b) sweating c) homoeostasis d) heredity
Where does photosynthesis take place in a cell?
a) in the nucleus b) in the mitochondria c) in the chloroplasts d) in the ribosomes
What does the Golgi complex do in a cell?
a) it packages and distributes proteins b) it is the power source to the cell c) it makes proteins d) it makes sugar and oxygen
What does homeostasis maintain in the body?
a) a changing internal environment b) a stable internal enviroment c) a changing external enviroment d) a stable external enviroment
During the process of diffusion
a) cell surrounds and absorbs large particles b) particles move from areas of lower concentration to higher concentration c) a cell surrounds and gets rid of large particles d) particles move from areas of higher concentration to lower concentration
What cell part supports the cell and might by made of cellulose or chitin
a) cell memebrane b) cell wall c) ribosome d) nucleus
Passive transport occurs when small particles move from
a) outside a cell to inside a cell b) areas of lower concentration to areas of higher concentration c) areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration d) inside a cell to outside a cell
What are the five main parts of the cardiovascular system?
a) heart, arteries, capillaries, blood, veins b) atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart attacks, edema, and heart failure c) oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen d) pulmonary, systemic, lymphatic, ciruculatory, respiratory
Binary fission, the process by which bacteria cells divide means
a) two into three b) splitting into two parts c) dividing several times d) two coming together
What is cytoplasm?
a) the nucleus of a cell b) the fluid inside a cell c) the genetic material in a cell d) the proteins in a cell
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