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The path a planet takes as it revolves around the sun
a) orbit b) eclipse c) rotate d) revolve
Huge ball of glowing gas that gives off light and heat
a) planet b) asteroid c) star d) comet
Object that travels around another object in space
a) rotate b) aphelion c) star d) satellite
All the gases around a planet
a) crater b) atmosphere c) perihelion d) gravity
Imaginary line around which a planet rotates
a) axis b) moon c) Prime Meridian d) equator
Time it takes a planet to rotate once
a) year b) solstice c) night d) day
Force that keeps each planet in its path around the Sun
a) year b) gravity c) star d) comet
Frozen chunk of dust, ice, and gases that revolves around the Sun
a) comet b) moon c) planet d) star
Bowl-shaped hole formed when a space object hit a planet
a) sinkhole b) planet c) gas giant d) crater
Time it takes for a planet to complete one revolution around the Sun
a) day b) month c) hour d) year
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