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What is the job of the lysosomes?
a) They store water b) They digest food particles c) They make new cells d) They package proteins
One of the functions of bones is to store
a) nervous and connective tissue b) living and dead cells c) keratin and collagen d) minerals and fat
Moving materials through a cell membrane by active transport requires the use of
a) light b) energy c) water d) endocytosis
In contrast to the nervous system the endocrine system
a) is not important for controlling body process b) does not involve cells c) uses hormones rather than neurons d) uses elctrical impulses
When water diffuses into or out of a cell, it is called
a) exocytosis b) osmosis c) endocytosis d) flooding
Cellular respiration is the process by which
a) plant cells create glucose b) cells grow and reproduce c) cells uses oxygen to produce energy from food d) cells breakdown food without using oxygen
An organ system has
a) one kind of tissue b) only one function c) two or more organs d) one main kind of cell
What is passing genetic traits from parents to offspring called?
a) homeostasis b) sexual reproduction c) heredity d) metabolism
The process by which plants, algae and some bacteria use carbon dioxide, sunlight and water to make glucose and oxygen is called?
a) osmosis b) fermentation c) photosynthesis d) cellular respiration
The muscular system is made up of muscles that allow the body to
a) rest b) move c) grow d) heal
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